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Ken's Projects and Charities


Ken Hames supports charities and projects throughout the world, all of them close to his heart, including military veterans support and organisations that work with those who are less able bodied.


Community Self Build Association

Ken has been involved with the CSBA since 2009 promoting its work of encouraging and assisting local people who need housing to self-build using their own labour and skills. Men and women from all backgrounds benefit individually and collectively from being a member of a self build housing group.


It has proved to be one of the most positive government supported projects and one that Ken Hames saw as an opportunity for homeless ex-servicemen.


The process of creating their own home not only puts a roof over their heads but builds self confidence, improves life skills, employability and reintegration into the community


Ken is currently working with the CSBA is Bristol, Weston Super Mare and Plymouth. Donations and volunteers are vital to maintaining the projects and always gratefully accepted.

Ken's fund raising thank you message

Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme


Ken Hames is heavily involved with the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme.


He presents awards to young people and advises the scheme in developmental matters.


Ken is a strong believer that every young person should have an adventurous experience and recognises that the DofE award scheme provides one of the best platforms for that.

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