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Princess Diana Ken Hames

Ken Hames


Ken Hames is an adventurer and explorer in every sense of the word. Where most of us are destined to follow, Ken, is a born leader.
From his childhood on a farm to a professional career in the army including 16 years in the world famous British Special Forces, SAS, Ken Hames' love for the great outdoors has taken him from jungle to desert.
Ken is one of the very few British officers to have worn the red beret of the Parachute Brigade, the green beret of the Royal Marines and the sand beret of the Special Air Service.  His military experience includes nine tours of Northern Ireland, the liberation of Port Stanley in the Falklands War, the first Gulf War and commanding Britain’s anti- terrorist team.
His desire to discover what lies beyond the horizon has fuelled his enthusiasm to encourage others less able to be inspired by adventure and exploration.
Ken now passes on his leadership and inspirational experiences by making personal appearances as a motivational and public speaker.
He is passionate about supporting his chosen charities. Click here to discover more.


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