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After Dinner, Public and Motivational Speaking

Ken Hames is passionate about passing on his adventurous spirit, survival techniques and years of SAS leadership experience to individuals and organisations.


As an after dinner speaker Ken entertains, captivating an audience with his astounding tales of daring escapades.


When it comes to motivating a team or workforce at a conference or less formal event Ken Hames excels, drawing on his experience in the military and his time in the British Special Forces, the SAS.


Motivational speaking is very close to Ken's heart.


He says, "There is an explorer in all of us and you don't have to venture into a jungle to test your leadership skills, how often have you heard "it's a jungle out there?" That's life and the better equipped you are to deal with it the more successful you and your organisation will be."


Ken has also recentely started working with Clinch Associates, a London-based team of highly experienced Executive Coaches and Leadership Development experts. More information can be found here


Ken can be hired for your event through his agent, Hilary Knight, at 



T: 01604 781818

M: 07951 968708 

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